Basta Fidel – New York v dešti

Umělec (artist): Basta FidelAlbum: Plezir
Čas (time): 3: 42
Text (lyrics): ANO (yes)
Velikost (size): 3562683 bytů
Typ (type): MP3

Every king and every Saint
Leaves the message for today
For the glory you have to feel the pain
No matter what you want and what you may

All we do is staying calm
No matter if it´s day or night
We are the animals on God´s farm
For us to live that means to fight

Everybody will be happy
Everybody will be dead
The only thing we are waitin´ for
Is the call of…

Now it´s the time of our glory
Our childs´ll rewrite history
My superstar is my God
Money have I not

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